Workshop Report WG 2: Synergies of Citizen Science and Education

WG 2 Workshopreport | Synergies of Citizen Science and Education - 06.-07.06.2017 Lisboa, Portugal

06.-07.06.2017 Lisboa, Portugal

Luciano Massetti, Yaela Golumbic, Joseph Roche, Kai Pata, Maria Laakso, Alice Mauchline, Greg Mannion, Nieke Knoben, Julia Lorke, Pavel Taraba, Brigida Riso

Cecília Galvão, Laure Kloetzer, Silvia Winter

A workshop was organised by WG 2 in Lisbon, Portugal to create an outline for a paper on synergies between citizen science and education. This contributes to the main goal of this working group. Altogether, 14 people from all different countries participated in this workshop, extensively discussing frameworks, examples and tensions in citizen science and education.

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