Privacy Policy


When using this site personal data are collected (e.g. from the COST Action official page; from the online-excel table) and stored in databases. We adhere strictly to data protection regulations for storing and processing these data.

Collection, processing and use of personal data

The data we collect will be used exclusively for the purposes listed:

  • Increase the visibility of the members of the COST-Action on Citizen Science

  • Facilitate management especially with regard to possible contributions to tasks as defined in the COST Action Working Programme

  • Facilitate internal and external communication

We will disclose data to a third party only under explicitly stated circumstances (e.g. for COST Action Chairs in order to invite possible participants of the tasks). We will not share data with third parties without authorization. External service providers who have been contracted by us to process data do not count as third parties as defined by data protection regulations; they are contractually obliged to adhere to data protection regulations and are subject to our supervision. We will disclose data to state agencies only in compliance with legislation or in order to aid criminal proceedings should our systems be attacked. Data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required.

Our website uses no web analytics service and social plug-ins for social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.  


You will be required to provide relevant personal information, which will be used exclusively for the stated purpose. Information you enter in web forms may be transmitted unencrypted via the Internet, in which case it may, in theory, be intercepted by unauthorized persons. Your registration is voluntary and can be deleted at any point.

You must provide an e-mail address for Registration on for certain purposes, such as subscribing to circulars or newsletters or to manage you own account. You may be required to confirm your e-mail address, for example by clicking on a link in a confirmation e-mail, to validate your registration. Any additional information you provide is voluntary and may help us to personalize our communications with you. You may unsubscribe any point. When you unsubscribe, your information will be deleted from our system.

Collected data: name, associated institution, contact data, expertise, working groups and tasks, responsibilities in the project, photos.

In some cases (e.g., electronic journals, wikis, or blogs), information is collected in order to publish or permanently archive content generated or uploaded on our site. Where such content is subject to copyright, we are legally obliged to retain a minimal dataset (name and contact details, such as address or e-mail) even after account deletion in order to document authorship, licencing, or copyright issues and ensure that the moral rights of the author(s) are respected. If this information was not part of a publication and publicly visible, it will remain protected. It can, however, be referenced by the publisher of the platform (electronic journal, wiki, blog).

Email communication

If you want to communicate with us by e-mail, please use either our main address info [at] cs-eu [dot] net or Katrin [dot] Vohland [at] mfn-berlin [dot] de. Your e-mail address will be used exclusively for the purpose of communicating with you and will not be shared with any third party, except in situations where this is absolutely necessary to comply with your request and never without your explicit permission. We cannot yet provide encrypted email services. If you wish to contact us with confidential information, you are welcome to alternatively use the postal system.

Hyperlinks to other providers

This privacy policy applies to all online services provided by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN). When we refer to or link to external content on third-party websites, the MfN can neither be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of such linked content, nor for the data security of such websites. Linked content is checked for obvious legal infringement at the time it is linked. Continual monitoring of the content of linked sites, however, is not feasible. We will, however, study any specific indications of legal infringement that is brought to our attention. Please notify us of any linked content that violates existing laws or is inappropriate in any other way. The MfN has no control over the extent to which external providers comply with data protection laws. Please check the privacy policy of any linked website you visit.

Data security

Your personal information will be stored on secured computers. In order to protect the data we have collected from loss, manipulation, or unauthorized access, technical and organizational measures will be implemented by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin in accordance with the latest technological standards. Authorization procedures regulate access to information, limiting access to the persons assigned to processing it. All personnel who collect, process, or use personal data are bound to data confidentiality in accordance with Section 8 of the Berlin Data Protection Act.

Data retention period

The Data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required. The data of the member profiles are the responsibility of the individual members. They are responsible for the accuracy of their data.

Right to information and contact data

You are responsible when uploading or updating your own personal data for their correctness in order to be reachable for communication.

You have the right to receive disclosure about data stored about you (such as contributing to a specific task) on request. Furthermore, you may request the correction of erroneous data and the deletion of data that is no longer needed. Should you wish to make an application to view, correct, or delete your data, or if you have any other questions about data protection, please contact us at the following address: datenschutz(at)

Validity and changes

This privacy policy was last updated on 22. September 2016 and is currently valid. Technological developments and changing legal requirements may necessitate changes to the privacy policy at any time. Please check this privacy policy regularly for future updates.