About COST Action CA15212


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The Citizen Science COST Action 
to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe


Dr. Katrin Vohland (Germany)

Vice Chair

a [dot] m [dot] land [at] biology [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl (Dr. Anne Land )(Netherlands)

Main Aim

The main aim of this Action will be to bundle capacities across Europe to investigate and extend the impact of the scientific, educational, policy, and civic outcomes of citizen science with the stakeholders from all sectors concerned (e.g., policy makers, social innovators, citizens, cultural organizations, researchers, charities and non-governmental organizations), in order to gauge the potential of citizen science as enabler of social innovation and socio-ecological transition.

Currently, 36 member countries signed the MoU, and members of 38 countries registered at the webpage and feel part of this Citizen Science Action, contribute to workshops, host young scientists, or develop scientific papers.

What else you need to know

The Action will explore the potential transformative power of citizen science for smart, inclusive, and sustainable ends, and will provide frameworks for the exploitation of the potential of European citizens for science and innovation. The relevance and timeliness of the Action derive from the recent explosion of activity around citizen science, as ordinary people and researchers begin to understand the power of technological devices which allow them to record the environment around them and share and collectively interpret data and knowledge to advance science and society.
Given the trans-disciplinarity of citizen science, the Action will benefit from the different contributions and perspectives from a range of disciplines and research cultures. As the latter rarely overlap and engage directly, the Action provides an ideal means for knowledge sharing and focused development on the topic by enabling better integration of separate national activities at a European and international scale.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

COST Vademecum

COST stands for COoperation in Science and Techonologie in Europe and is the longest-running European framework supporting trans-national cooperation among researchers, engineers, and scholars across Europe.
Download Vademecum  (PDF, 602 kB)

Recommendations for Selecting Participants in Working Groups Activities

The COST Action activities are carried out primarily through its Working Groups (WGs). In the case of the COST Action CA 15212, the achievement of the objectives stated in the Memorandum of Understanding depends directly on the work performed by the WGs and their capacity to provide the deliverables. Follow this Link for the Recommendations for Selecting Participants in Working Groups activities in the Citizen Science Cost Action