STSM: Mapping Urban Cycling in Malta

Mapping Urban Cycling in Malta

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Mr Diego Fabian Pajarito |  Grajales, Universitat Jaume (Castellon De La Plana, Spain) | 09.11. to 18.11.2017 | 10 Days
Host: Maria Attard | Hostinstitution: University of Malta
Mapping Urban Cycling in Malta

Purpose of the STSM

The STSM aimed to create a crowdsourced map of urban bicycle trips using a gamified mobile application in Malta. During the mission, nineteen urban cyclists contributed by recording their bicycle trips while they tested an experimental mobile application. Researchers obtained two main datasets, first a GIS-compatible file with bicycle trips in Malta, and second, a compilation of cyclists’ profiles, use of mobile devices and their motivation for using the bicycle as a mean of transportation.

During the STSM researchers achieved the two defined goals:

  • To create a crowdsourced map of cyclists’ paths in Malta using a mobile gamified application.

  • To compare the impact of competition-based and collaboration-based rewards on satisfaction and engagement of urban cyclist of Malta.

The whole report can be found here