Would you like to host the final Symposium of the Action in 2020?


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Would you like to host the final Symposium of the Action in 2020?

In 2020, a four year period of research in a European network on different aspects of citizen science will be concluded with a final symposium. The symposium is meant to collate and synthesize the insights gained as well as to present and discuss the outcomes with linked scientific communities such as Science and Technology Studies (STS), sustainability research, and science communication research.

The participants will be mainly from the research field but also from areas such as policy, civil society, and economy.

The organizer should have an intrinsic motivation to support the area of research about citizen science and contribute to the development of the concept of the symposium. The costs of organizing the symposium will be covered by the COST action, in accordance with the Vademecum and the targets of the actions as defined in the MoU.

If you would like to host the Final Symposium between June and August 2020 please complete this form online by March 15th  2019. Questions can be addressed to info [at] cs-eu [dot] net