Workshop Report WG1: Quality Aspects in Citizen Science

Workshop Report WG1: Quality Aspects in Citizen Science

Type: Working Group Meeting
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Meeting Venue: ESSRG, Impact Hub Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2. Budapest 1053
Date: 11th-12th November 2019
Duration: 2 day

Status: closed
Deadline for applications: 30th October, 2019
Contact: Bálint Balázs

Quality Aspects in Citizen Science – Delivering key recommendations

As COST Action 15212 drew to a close, Working Group 1 (Data Quality) initiated a synthetic discussion on the most pressing issues in data quality for Citizen Science. The work and outcomes from previous WG1 workshop activities had been used as a catalyst for these discussions. The workshop included participants who bring practical and methodological experiences of data quality in Citizen Science. Workshop participants also took leading roles in finishing the book chapter, the main deliverable on methods for data quality and validation in CS and aspects of design approaches for CS projects. The principal mode of activity of this workshop was hands-on, discursive and collaborative writing.

The presentations held can be found at the report: