Workshop Report WG 5: Towards a new ontology of Citizen Science

WG 5 Workshop Report | Towards a new ontology of Citizen Science - March 2017 Novi Sad, Serbia


Novi Sad
Novi Sad
Photo by Luigi Ceccaroni


27.-28.03.2017 Novi Sad, Serbia


Luigi Ceccaroni (chair), Imre Lendak (co-chair), Lucy Bastin, Rob Lemmens, Vyron Antoniou, Jaume Piera, Jakub Trojan, Mirjana Žabić, Joan Masó


  • The University of Novi Sad ( is the largest state funded higher education institution in Novi Sad, Serbia, with over 50,000 students and 5,000 employees.
  • One million and one labs (1000001 Labs) is a cooperative established to study artificialintelligence solutions to manage environmental data, and to advance international initiatives on citizen science data and metadata standardization and interoperability

Some highlights from the CS CA WG 5 Workshop

  • Contributions to the analysis of the file "PPSR - Core project metadata mapping - multiple standards" have been presented.
  • A decision was made to focus effort first on project metadata and then on observational & analysis data
  • The project metadata schema has been improved, adding to the initial list of concepts
  • We discussed on what are core attributes and what are non-core
  • We progressed our previous discussion on standardization, and managed changes to the vocabularies.

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Click here to read a recap of the workshop (Contact Luigi Ceccaroni for basecamp login) or read the Minutes of WG5 workshop in Novi Sad, March 2017: “Towards a new ontology of Citizen Science”


  • Connect with us to continue the discussion. Contact Luigi Ceccaroni for basecamp login.
  • luigi [at] 1000001labs [dot] org (subject: %5BCS%20Cost%20Action%5D) (Luigi Ceccaroni) & lendak [at] uns [dot] ac [dot] rs (subject: %5BCS%20Cost%20Action%5D) (Imre Lendak)