Workshop Report WG 4 & WG 6: Citizen Science and Gender

WG 4 & WG 6 Workshop Report | Citizen Science and Gender - March 2019 Iasi, Romania


20.03.2019 Iasi, Romania


Prof. Dr. Doina Ballahur, Dr. Carole Paleco, Nora Salas Seoane, Sabina Garcia Peter, Esra Per, Panagiota Argyri, Yasar Selman Gültekin, Carmen Gache, Ichim Georgl, Daniela Soitu, Catrinel Zaharia, Julia Kaufmann


  • Prof. Dr. Doina Ballahur
    Center for Gender Equality in Science, University of Iasi, Romania (Local Organiser),

  • Dr. Carole Paleco

    Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science, Brussels, Belgium (Equal opportunity officer),

Some highlights from the Workshop

The workshop "Citizen Science and Gender" of the Working Groups 4 + 6 was an intensive day for all participants from 9am to 2pm with presentations of the COST Action Members and local professors, three award ceremonies and short question rounds. Remarkable was the high participation of the students (over 100), who completely filled the back area of the room.


The award ceremony Women's Annual Science and Technology Excellence Award 2019 honoured the performance of three professors: "they holding the awards in their specific areas as women with standing - science has to be with and for the citizens".


After this exciting pre-program, the round became much smaller and we started into a lively exchange about Citizen Science and gender from 2pm to 6:30pm.


Nora Salas Seoane’s proposal from the D-NOSES project was implemented and we discussed "Setting the Scene: Identify the Issues" and "Solutions".


Many of the participants' experiences met with the approval of the others. Thus one notices a strong encouragement of female researchers on the topic. One thesis to be examined is why this is the case. Are women more likely than men to accept inadequate or unpaid salary? Is the field so new that it is not yet gender-evaluated?


Due to the fact that the official part of the event was only planned until 2pm, the small group left later and continued their exchange in a small regional cafe.


The conclusion of this exciting day was that numbers from Events our COST Action project and others should be used to evaluate the subjective perception.


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