Workshop Report WG 1: Doing Better Citizen Science "from data quality to project design"

Workshop Report WG 1: Doing Better Citizen Science "from data quality to project design"
at the Citizen Science Workshop Day at Univiersity of Geneva

Date: June, 6th 2018
Location: University of Geneva, COST Citizen Science Workshopday


Peter Mooney, Bálint Balázs, Norvoll Reidun, Gauci Suzanne, Shulla Kalterina, Golumbic Yaela, Egle Butkeviciene, Novakova Eva, Salas Seoane Nora, Oliveira Marta, Mondardini Rosy, Martin Annika, De Chiara Francesca, Canas Carlos, Miczajka Victoria, Stockwell Hannah, Barrucci Federica, Per Esra, Claire Baert, Phillip Hummer, Andrea Sforzi, Daniel Dorler, Vyron Antoniou, Luciano Massetti, Loreta Tauginiene, Juha Olesanen.
This list might be slightly incomplete. It includes all of the delegates who registered using the website. However other delegates joined at different times during the workshop.

Summary of the workshop

The workshop focused on where we are in WG1 and also gave the feeling of a writing workshop (editathon) for the participants.

Peter and Bálint briefly presented some outcomes from the previous milestones: Berlin workshop (Dec 2016), Budapest writing workshop (Sept 2017) and the plans for the current Workshop in Geneva (June 2018), as well as objectives for the planned workshops (Sept 2018-Jan 2019). The difficulty here in this workshop is that most of the participants we had in the Budapest writing workshop (Sept 2017) were not present in Geneva. This makes it particularly difficult to achieve continuity in writing. However, after an explanation of the situation by Peter and Bálint participants were assigned to separate sections of the deliverable and edited and commented on those texts (Editathon).

Then ideation groupwork started in three teams to discuss ideas for the policy briefs. This engaged the delegates in a much more positive way as the policy briefs have not been worked on previously. The idea from WG1 is to produce FOUR policy briefs.

There will be a focus on data quality (obviously) for each brief. The initial idea for the briefs are as follows based on offering the following statements: (2) I am X – this is what data quality in citizen science means to me and (2) I am X – this is what I do to ensure the highest possible data quality in citizen science data.

We formulate the briefs for:

  1. A citizen scientist
  2. A citizen science project
  3. A general user of citizen science data
  4. A policy maker using citizen science data


To proceed with deliverable development, commenting and leads for each session on the google docs working space:
There will also be planning for another working group meeting in the Fall 2018.


Balázs Bálint | balazs [dot] balint [at] essrg [dot] hu
Peter Mooney | Peter [dot] mooney [at] nuim [dot] ie

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