WG2 Announcement: Survey about teachers using Citizen Science

Dear Educators,

CitSci Edu is interested in understanding and improving the experience of educators who have engaged young people in citizen science activities. If you have involved your students in research activities connected to authentic science projects, we would like to invite you to complete an online questionnaire for us and/or take part in an online interview. We will ask you questions related to your motivations for engaging your students in such activities, the engagement techniques you have used, and the challenges you may have come across. Your participation is voluntary and all the information you give us will be anonymised.

The consent forms, survey and interviews are available in English, Spanish, German, Greek and Catalan.
You can find more information about us and about the project, and take part in the study here:

Thank you! We are looking forward to your responses!

Best wishes,
Julia, Josep and Maria on behalf of CitSci Edu
@citsci_edu #citsciedu