WG 5 Deliverable: Citizen Science Ontology

Date: September 13, 2018
Participants: Luigi Ceccaroni, Sven Schade, Lucy Bastin, Chrisa Tsinaraki, Rob Lemmens, Gilles Falquet, Friederike Klan, Jaume Piera, Jakub Trojan, Imre Lendak, Vyron Antoniou, Mirjana Žabić, Joan Masó, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Frank Ostermann, Marco Minghini, Maryam Lotfian, Gloria Bordogna, Santiago De La Riva

One goal of the COST Action is to help create an ontology (including a vocabulary) for describing citizen-science projects, observations and analyses, building upon prior research and existing standards, which any organization can model their database structure upon. This goal is also linked to the larger objectives of the international Data and Metadata Working Group of the Citizen Science Association (CSA) and the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA).

Scope of this deliverable

This document follows the Geneva Declaration on Citizen Science Data and Metadata Standards that emerged from the COST Action WG5 workshop in Geneva (Switzerland), 6th of June 2018. It proposes an ontology of citizen science in the form of changes and extensions to the PPSR Core model (Version 1) as presented in the Citizen Science Association Data & Metadata Working Group: Report from CSA 2017 and Future Outlook.

In its current form, this document introduces a proposal related only to central elements of the model, i.e. it contains important parts but not all of the changes envisaged by the COST Action on Citizen Science. We followed this approach in order to initiate important discussions and preparations of a next version of the PPSR Core Conceptual Model (CCM).

Here as key deliverable the ontology is ready to download: