STSM: What motivates citizens - A meta-analysis by Martin Jeanmougin

What motivates citizens - A meta-analysis


Martin Jeanmougin | Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Département Ecologie et Gestion de la Biodiversité 
Host:  Liat Levontin | Assaf Shwartz
Host Institution: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology , Haifa, Israel

Accomplishment within STSM

As part of his STSM at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under the supervision of Dr. Assaf Shwartz and Dr. Liat Levontin, Martin Jeanmougin developed a database on published studies of the motivations of citizens to participate in citizen science projects. Based on the analysis of the meta-data, he recommends to pay more attention to different categories or dimensions of motivation.

Purpose of the STSM

The primary aim of this STSM was to create a database for a meta-analysis on volunteers’ aims and needs with respect to their engagement in citizen science (CS) projects, through a systematic quantitative review of the literature focusing on CS programs. Ultimately, results of this project will be used to design effective CS programs, extend participation and increase impact of CS. This STSM will hence help to provide an extensive list of all motivations that have been proposed and studied to explain volunteer’s participation in CS programs. Using the first result of the meta-analysis framework, it will also allow quantifying the relative importance of each category of motivation.

The whole report can be found here