House of Apps: Hackathon Report is now available


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1. Introduction

Citizen Science is largely realized today through either mobile or web applications. What is largely missing is a fertile environment where future developers will turn to, so to find the basic building blocks for creating such applications. As most applications currently are isolated it would be beneficial to the entire community if modular and reusable components could be created which could be used by app developers; more or less similar to a lego-like house of apps.

2. Objectives of Hackathon

Thus, the objectives of the Hackathon was to make the first steps so to ease the creation, findability, and re-use of mobile apps for Citizen Scientists. These apps need small software components that focus either on interfacing mobile sensors or on geodata import (e.g., satellite images, in-situ sensor data). Newly created software was welcomed as well as the reuse and recombination of lots of open software libraries that are already available as open software. The challenges listed in Annex A were published on the COST website so that participants will get ideas about expected problems that their components could solve.

3. Organisation (timeline)

The 5th open source geospatial research and education symposium (OGRS 2018) 9-11 October, 2018 in Lugano, Switzerland was the end-activity of hackathon which was prepared and held along the activity schema below:

  1. 17 Oct 2017 MC Meeting Tartu: Creation of challenges by COST project members
  2. June-August 2018 Hack period
  3. 9-11 Oct 2018: COST event at OGRS symposium

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