Call for Proposals for the 5th Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2019

Call for Proposals for the 5th Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2019

The Call for Proposals and the Early Bird Registration for the 5th Austrian Citizen Science Conference are open! Coorganized and hosted by the University of Innsbruck, the Citizen Science Network Austria want to talk about limits and transitions of citizen science in the beautiful mountains of Tyrol, more exactly in Obergurgl, near the Italian border.

Hardly any other place is as suitable as Obergurgl for the question of the limits of citizen science. Due to its geographical location at political and natural borders, the location inspires to explore citizen science. In and around Obergurgl you can find different borders and transitions and you can get to know the handling of these interfaces in detail. Many borders are present in Obergurgl, such as the snow line, the forest line, a state border or even the tree line. We understand these border areas not only as boundaries, but also as areas of transition and exchange. In this environment, we would like to discuss the limits and transitions in citizen science to other methods and disciplines, and how to make positive use of them.

The call for proposals is open until 15th of November (no extension possible). If you want to know more about the conference, please check out the conference website (in German):
If you don't speak German feel free to send a message to citizenscience2019 [at] uibk [dot] ac [dot] at at any time.

The general conference language will be German, but contributions in English will also be accepted.

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