Basic information on reimbursement

Basic information on reimbursement

!  Please consult the Vademecum to find all the details !

Self-funding members

All members of the Action are welcome to attend the meeting on a self-funded basis. Please let us know if you will be attending so that we can get a clear idea of numbers.

Management Committee (MC) Members and Substitutes and WG Members

MC Members, invited MC Substitutes and invited WG Members from participating COST Countries are eligible to be reimbursed the flat rate allowance of 120 euros per night for a maximum of 3 nights (each eligible participant will be able to claim a maximum number of nights equal to the number of meeting days plus one, also depending on his/her travel schedule according to the COST rules). Eligible participants will be reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance to the COST regulations contained in the Vademecum. Everything must be booked and paid for by eligible participants in advance.

However, due to our budget constraints for this event, and in order to invite more participants who could be very valuable for starting the work in the WGs, we encourage eligible participants to contain travel expenses as much as it is practical to them. Such a containment would include buying the cheapest flights possible, when feasible traveling to Berlin on the first day of the meeting on December 12 and traveling back on the second day of the meeting, to save on costs for accommodation.

Eligible participants should adhere to all the COST regulations regarding reimbursement otherwise we will not able to reimburse them. If an eligible participant has concerns in this respect, s/he should contact us in advance. We must receive completed, signed and appropriately documented reimbursement claims within 30 days of the meeting as this is the official time limit for reimbursement.

The following issues can cause particular problems so please take extra care:

Taxi expenses

An eligible participant is permitted to claim taxi expenses in the following instances:

  • when public transport is not available; and / or if taxis are taken before 7 am for an early travel departure and / or are taken after 10 pm due to a late arrival.

Taxi expenses up to a maximum of EUR 80 for the entire journey can be claimed by eligible participants if either of the above criteria have been respected. Taxi expenses can only be paid against the amounts detailed on taxi receipts. Taxi receipts must clearly detail the name of the service provider, the full price of the journey and the date of travel.

Travel derogations

Travelling to and from countries other than that where the approved meeting is being held and the country where the eligible researcher is residing (as registered on their e-COST profile) is a rule derogation and must be explained and detailed by the participant on the relevant claims section on e-COST and on the remarks section on their submitted Online Travel Reimbursement Request (OTRR) form. When this type of rule derogation is evident, the participant in question must submit an OTRR and a justification which must be accompanied with the documents listed in p. 22 of the Vademecum.

For any question please contact: info [at] cs-eu [dot] net