Workshop WG 4: People-Places-Stories

Workshop WG 4: "People-Places-Stories"
at the Citizen Science Workshop Day at Univiersity of Geneva

Maximum number of participants: 25

Relationships play a key role in the context of the "Grand Challenges" (Future Earth, H2020) - both in the context of sustainable development and the exchange of knowledge.  Citizen Science depends on the engagement of citizens and builds upon trustful relationships between all people involved in the processes of knowledge generation. 

Dialogues exchange knowledge, ideas or opinions. Dialogues also trigger discourses and are essential to reach amicable agreements. The facets of the goals and impacts of dialogues are prominent in many citizen science projects. As a matter of facts, without dialogues citizen science would not be successful.

We propose a workshop to shed light on the scientific and societal values of dialogues in citizen science and expand this understanding towards additional narratives. The session invites you to an exchange of experiences in the form of a "narrative café" on content orientations, methodological questions, concrete requirements and impacts of narrative approaches in an dialogue. As a joint work, small sculptures of clay are created in dialogue in addition to the words. Join our hands-on arty workshop and learn more about dialogues and other narratives. Please sign up for your participation here. For organising reasons we will need to know the numbers of participants.

Keywords: storytelling, dialogue, participatory research, call to write, narrative interviews, narrative café, pottery


Please notice, there is the possibility to have 2-3 workshop participations financed by the Cost Action.

For self-funded Participants

Self-financing workshop participants simply register using the form on this website (klick "Please fill out the form to register"). Mark the field "Do you need financial support?" with no.

For Particpants who need financial Support

if interested: register using the form on this website (klick "Please fill out the form to register"). Mark the field  "Do you need financial support?" with yes. Prepare a one page (maximum) motivation letter for upload. It shall include the following:

  • A short description of yourself (see additional priority criteria to address) and your motivation to participate.

As only a limited number of participants will be subject to COST full funding, two sets of criteria for participants’ selection are presented below.

General criteria for selection:

Additional priority criteria:
Geographical spread | Career stage (particularly involving early career investigators) | Gender balance


Anett Richter | anett [dot] richter [at] ufz [dot] de
Didone Frigerio | didone [dot] frigerio [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at
Andrea Sieber | Andrea [dot] Sieber [at] aau [dot] at

Workshop Report

Can be found here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 09:00
102 Boulevard Carl-Vogt
1211 Genève