Workshop WG 1: Ensuring scientific quality of Citizen Science through data quality and project design

WG1 invites contribution to a workshop ‘Ensuring scientific quality of Citizen Science through data quality and project design’

The workshop participants will discuss and evaluate outcomes of Citizen Science projects for scientists to generate a collective understanding of current practices involving the collection, description, and validation of data gathered and analysed by citizens.
The workshop participants are expected to contribute to a systematic review of methods for data quality and validation, and design approaches to CS projects (e.g., selection of volunteers, training requirements, and task design).

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

We will select 10 people for reimbursement under the COST rules for their travel and subsistence to attend the workshop. All other participants who are accepted, based on their submission, will be invited to participate in the workshop without reimbursement.
The workshop will set the scene for the work on the deliverables of WG1 and create a ‘framework’ to get the work on these deliverables underway:

  • Task 1: Undertake a systematic review of methods for data quality and validation and design approaches to CS projects
  • Deliverable 1: Systematic review of CS data quality (Task 1). DEADLINE Q6 (Approx Feb 2018)
  • Deliverable 3: Policy Briefs (3 in total) The first policy brief (journal paper, report, etc) DEADLINE Q7 (Approx April 2018)

All potential contributing authors of Deliverable 1 (systematic review paper) and the potential policy brief Deliverable 3 will meet at this workshop to agree on the objectives, methodology and work plan, responsibilities and schedule.
The purpose of this call for contributions is to help identify those colleagues who will commit to making time to contribute AFTER the workshop to the successful development of these deliverables to agree on the contents of these papers, methodology and work plan on how to write these papers, responsibilities and time schedules.

Fact Sheet

You are asked to pay close attention to the requirements of the abstract as outlined, please check before registration.

Important Dates

Abstracts due 15 June | Decisions on abstracts 30 June
Please check this event for updated information about times.


Bálint Balázs | balazs [dot] balint [at] essrg [dot] hu | Chair WG 1
Peter Mooney | Peter [dot] mooney [at] nuim [dot] ie | Co-Chair WG 1
Luigi Ceccaroni | luigi [at] 1000001labs [dot] org | Chair WG 5
Jaume Piera | jpiera [at] icm [dot] csic [dot] es

Workshop Report

Can be found here.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 10:00 to Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 18:00
Impact Hub Budapest
Ferenciek tere 2