Fifth Citizen Science Cost Action MC and WG Meeting - Citizen Science Strategies in Europe



Photo by Baiba Pruse

Date:  MC Meeting on June 4th, 2019 (1 day), some working group meetings on June 5th 2019.
Location: Cesis, Latvia
Participants: MC-and WG Members and open for everybody to apply
Submission: prolonged to due 22nd of April 2019
Notification about acceptance: done


There will be the official MC Meeting from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, the proposed agenda is ->


MC Meeting 2019 Latvia agenda

The rest of the day will be dedicated to the Citizen Science Strategies in Europe, the exciting programme is ->


MC WG Meeting Latvia CS Strategies in Europe agenda


MC WG Meeting Latvia CS Strategies in Europe agenda


The minutes are here: ->



MC meeting and WG tables
Citizen Science Strategies and Europe, this and next grand period, "creativity"-Actions, final publictions

Our local HOST is Baiba Pruse
She takes over the organisation on site and is the contact person for hotel reservations, workshop room reservations and other questions concerning the MC Meeting.
Klick here to write her an Email: baiba [dot] pruse [at] videsinstituts [dot] lv (subject: MC%20Meeting%20Cesis%20%7C%2004.06.2019, body: Dear%20Baiba%2C%0A...) (Baiba Pruse)


Download Section

  • Presentation - Open Access

Theme Speaker

Action (budget) status and Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

Katrin Vohland, Anne Land

Promotion of gender balance and Early Career Investigators

Carole Paleco

WG 1: Ensure scientific quality of Citizen Science

Bálint Balázs

WG 3: Improve society-science-policy interface

Katrin Vohland

WG 4: Enhance the role of CS for civil society

Artemis Skarlatidou

WG 5: Improve data standardization and interoperability

Luigi Ceccaroni

Final Symposium

Roeland Samson

Invisible Citizen Science

Bálint Balázs

How the citizen science community frames policy engagement

Claudia Göbel

Introduction to the survey on citizen science strategies and first results

Marina Manzoni

National networks and initiatives

Daniel Dörler


Katherin Wagenknecht

How to gain maximum benefit by working in an interdisciplinary group

Karine Oganisjana


  • Minutes


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MoU & Hotel List

Dear Participants,
everybody is welcome. Please register at our page and read the MoU: Then apply until the 8st of April.
Here is a list of hotels from which we have made the preliminary reservation (they have closed these rooms from the
You need to contact them directly for full booking via e-mail. The reservation with confirmation from the hotel must be done before the 3rd of May – otherwise you will not have a place to stay.
Please, mention the code: Vides risinājumu institūts Cost Action Citizen Science when making the e-mail otherwise we will not be able to track the reservations. And please, wait for the confirmation of the hotel – and if there will be full booking they will suggest the next place from the given list.

The payment must be done after you check in or during the check out at the Hotel.

Name of the place

Reservation e-mail


HOTEL CĒSIS (in total the reservation is made for: 22 rooms)


E-mail: reservation [at] hotelcesis [dot] lv


HOTEL Province / Guest house LASO (in total the reservation is made for: 13 rooms)


E-mail: provincecesis [at] inbox [dot] lv


Vanadziņa māja (in total the reservation is made for: 7 rooms)


E-mail: madara [dot] intenberga [at] wenden [dot] lv


Hotel Katrīna / Hotel Gustavs (in total the reservation is made for: 18 rooms)


E-mail: katrina [dot] hotel [at] inbox [dot] lv


Hotel Tigra (in total the reservation is made for: 12 rooms)


E-mail: info [at] hoteltigra [dot] lv



In case of any issues please, let me know and we will help solving it. Please, do not worry about the distance of some hotels to the meeting place as we have arranged transportation for this type of practicalities.

My contact details: baiba [dot] pruse [at] videsinstituts [dot] lv 
M.:+371 25 756 163



Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 09:00 to 18:00
Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall
Raunas iela 12
Cesis 4101