Call for: Training School in Coimbra, Portugal


Photo by Cidália Fonte

Organized by the COST Action - CA15212 Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy and innovation throughout Europe

Preliminary Program: Quality Control of OpenStreetMap Data

Citizen Science Training School | Preliminary Programm

Dates: 17 - 19 Jun 2019
Host: Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra
Location:  Departamento de Matemática da FCTUC, Largo D. Dinis, 3001 - 501 Coimbra, Portugal
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Deadline for application: 30th of April 2019


The proposed training school aims to prepare the trainees to:

  1. Understand the main aspects of spatial data quality;
  2. Experience the pros and cons of the available tools to collect and edit OSM data (by using both image interpretation and in the field experience);
  3. Use available tools to help identify data quality issues and errors in existing OSM data and subsequently how to fix these problems,
  4. Learn how to organize and structure OSM mapping events which supports the collection of high quality data.

The participants will learn to contribute to the creation of high-quality OSM data, but also to disseminate this knowledge by organizing training events in their own communities. This will contribute to the enrichment of OSM data and also to enlarge the community that contributes to OSM, which is important for the development of this valuable collaborative initiative. Adding to these main objectives, the trainees will also become acquainted to participants from other regions of Europe, with different perspectives on the needs regarding OSM data quality, as participants with different backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to participate in the training school. This will also enable the establishment of contacts to initiate additional future collaborations within the COST action and the OSM project, but also in research areas and applications related to the use of OSM data for diverse applications.

Call for applications

We are inviting applications from researchers (priority will be given to Early-Career Investigators - individuals who are within a time span of up to 8 years from the date they obtained their PhD/doctorate); high education students in different fields (BSc, MSc or PhD); members of non- governmental organizations (NGOs), educators, entrepreneurs, civil servants or citizens that are interested in contributing to OpenStreetMap (we are specially targeting individuals with no or little priori knowledge on OpenStreetMap). Applicants must be based in COST Member and Cooperating States or from Near-Neighboring Countries, whose participation has been approved by the Action Management Committee of this Action.  At present, only applicants from Albania are eligible to apply, among the Near-Neighboring Countries. About 12-20 participants will be selected to participate to the training school with financial support from the Action.

Candidates are requested to:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Prepare and upload a 300-word motivation letter explaining their interest
  • Prepare and upload a short CV - max 2 pages
  • Fluent English is required and gender and cultural diversity will guarantee a wide variety of inputs and perspectives
    CV and motivation letter can be uploaded in the application form!

Deadline for submissions

  • April 30, 2019 | Candidates accepted will be covering a wide range of disciplines.

School format

The training school will include:

  1. Lectures to introduce the necessary theoretical aspects on the creation of spatial data and spatial data quality;

  2. Practical training sessions where the available tools to create, edit and control the quality of OSM data will be used;

  3. The preparation of a mapping event, where the participants in the training school will act as trainers (with the aid of the training school lecturers). This mapping event will be opened to the local community (typically targeting the university community, but also opened to other interested participants);

  4. A synthesis of the training school findings.


  • Cidália Fonte, University of Coimbra / Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • Maria Antonia Brovelli, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Peter Mooney, Maynooth University, Ireland

Local organizers:

  • Cidália Fonte, University of Coimbra / Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • José Paulo Almeida (University of Coimbra / Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • Alberto Cardoso (University of Coimbra / Center of Informatics and Systems - University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

The school plans to have a publication as an outcome to be submitted to a journal during the months after the end of the school.

For more information please contact
cfonte [at] mat [dot] uc [dot] pt (subject: Training%20School%20Coimbra, body: Dear%20Prof.%20C%C3%ADdalia%20Fonte%2C%0A) (Prof. Cídalia Fonte) Coordinator | Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra

Hotel recommendations for the participants

Hotel/ Guest House


Distance to the venue

Average room price/night


Hotel Vila Gale Coimbra


2000 m

95 €

Hotel Tryp Coimbra


1500 m

85 €

Hotel Tivoli Coimbra


1700 m

85 €

Hotel Ibn-Arrik


300 m

76 €

Hotel Dona Inês Coimbra


1900 m

60 €

Hotel Botânico


750 m

75 €

Hotel Astória


900 m

60 €

Hotel Ibis


850 m

50 €

Residencial Alentejana


950 m

55 €

Residencial Antunes


250 m

45 €

There is also a large offer of nice Hostels and Guest houses in the vicinity of the University (Mathematics Department - Pólo I). 
Logging at the university residences may also be possible when requested to the local organization.

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Monday, June 17, 2019 - 00:00 to Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 23:45
Departamento de Matemática da FCTUC
Largo D. Dinis
3001-501 Coimbra