Workshop Co-constructing models of challenge-based learning and teaching

Workshop Co-constructing models of challenge-based learning and teaching
at the Citizen Science Workshop Day at Univiersity of Geneva

Maximum number of participants: 25

According to cognitive science, we were all born scientists. A learning university should nurture these inborn abilities by offering learning through research programs at all levels: from kindergarten to life- long learners. Guided by their own questions, learners should develop new approaches by redefining problems and looking for original solutions, cooperating on local and global scale, drawing on all relevant disciplines, climbing on the shoulders of giants and fostering an ethical stance. By co- designing learning through research tools, methodologies and resources with researchers, teachers, citizens, decision-makers, and students (bachelor, master, PhD and life-long learners), the university should foster and empower collaborative open innovations. Citizen science approaches that involve citizens of all ages in research projects are natural extension of these innovations. By fostering open research projects, universities can engage their students and the civil society and mobilize the collective intelligence towards addressing meaningful challenges, such as those referenced in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Workshop Description

What advances and innovations are we able to catalyze when placing challenge questions at the center of learning and teaching?

In order to address the future challenges that face our shared global ecosystem, we need both a better understanding of how people best learn, and how we might adapt approaches to education to not only meet future challenges, but also use them as a source of innovation and inspiration. UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide one framework for approaching the challenges of our modern world. Current modes of education are ill-equipped to face these shared goals -- we need to radically reinvent our approaches to both learning and teaching. Thus, we want to engage a diverse group of people to think about the challenges ahead come up with actionable paths forward.

During this workshop we will invite participants to give feedback and co-create recommendations for policy modifications based on our policy brief draft on Citizen Science & Education. The participants will become future advocates and allies, provide entry points to reach a more global teaching and learning community, and ensure scalable growth, change, and innovation.


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Imane Baïz | imane [dot] baiz [at] cri-paris [dot] org

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 13:00 to 16:00
102 Boulevard Carl-Vogt
1211 Genève