Workshop Report WG 2: Systematic review of training requirements and recommendations


Group picture of the participants.
Group picture of the participants.

Participants: KamelLabibes, Esra Per, Luci ano Massetti, Sebastian Höfner, Juhani Kettunen, Claire Ramjan, Osnat Atias.
Hosts: Gunta Kalvāne, Yaela Golumbic, Julia Lorke with planning support from Silvia Winter.

Text and images by Julia Lorke.

The goal for the first day of this workshop was to initiate discussions about citizen science training needs and recommendations for projects that are set out to achieve educational and scientific goals. All workshop participants presented brief case studies to share their expertise and experience. Building on the input from a broad range of different perspectives, we separated into three groups to define and discuss training needs and recommendations for project participants, projects facilitators and project designers. In the evening, we continued the discussions in a more informal way while enjoying the Latvian hospitality and sharing local specialities.


Participants continued the dicussion during dinner.
Participants continued the dicussion during dinner.
Photo by workshop participant.

During the second day, we shared insights from the three working groups and developed a structured approach to systematically describe and address the needs of the three different training target groups.

We are currently working on writing up the results of the workshop and support them with useful resources. Our plan is to share our analysis and recommendations early next year with the citizen science community and we are looking forward to feedback and further input.

We would like to thank Gunta and the University of Latvia for hosting us; we really enjoyed the productive and professional environment, the stunning view from the meeting room and your welcoming hospitality.


Discussion during the workshop.
Working during the workshop.
Photo by workshop participant.